Selection of strategic and functional managers

Selection of managers - is the main focus of Lindmon Executive Search company.

We believe that strong and effective leaders change companies for the better.

Executive Search is the most effective method in the selection of candidates for top positions, as it allows the Client to receive ongoing analysis of the situation regarding labor markets and thus making an informed decision.

Executive Search – providing a focused search among successful leaders who have already achieved significant results in markets and industries of interest to the Client. The mandatory part of the process involves market analysis, research, evaluation and motivation candidates that are considered for the vacancies.

Our working process on the project is the follows:

  • We undertake our work based on a study of the Customer’s business and its needs;
  • Establishing a list of companies with the necessary specialization (countries, companies, positions)
  • Identifying candidates with experience in various companies (Executive search, own database, recommendations).
  • Preliminary selection of candidates.
  • We assess the experience, achievements and motivation of Candidates. Recommendations check;
  • Presentation of the report summary of the selected candidates to the Client.
  • Organizing meetings with customer support and recruiting candidates.
  • On behalf of the Clients, we conduct negotiations regarding employment, and follow up the Candidates after they start to work for our Customer. 

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