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Lindmon team focuses on solving Strategic Clients' tasks through extensive market research and hiring the most effective leaders.

When working with Clients we adhere to the following principles:

  • Expertise - we constantly monitor the market, and maintain relationships with key leaders in various fields.
  • Extensive research - each project involves extensive research markets. We are dedicated to providing quality operational information for decision making at all stages of the project.
  • Speed – while working on recruiting projects, we are committed to providing the first candidates for 5-10 days, constantly developing its expertise markets.
  • Privacy - all information on all the projects we are working on is strictly confidential. We are very serious about informational security.


The list of the main company's services includes:

Selection of strategic and functional managers

Selection of managers - is the main focus of the Lindmon. We believe that strong and effective leaders change companies for the better.

Executive Search is the most effective method in the selection of candidates for top positions, as it allows the Client to receive ongoing analysis of the situation regarding labor markets and thus making an informed decision.

Executive Search – providing a focused search among successful leaders who have already achieved significant results in markets and industries of interest to the Client. The mandatory part of the process involves market analysis, research, evaluation and motivation candidates that are considered for the vacancies.​

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Market research salaries

The Market Analysis salary is the basis for strategic decisions because it gives an objective view of the labor market and trends regarding changes, helping to quickly identify appropriate salaries and build an optimal motivational system.

We conduct personal and narrowly focused Market research salaries and compensations for our Clients. The uniqueness of this service is that the Client can choose the industry and the company, in which the research will be conducted.

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Professional service, which provides support to employees with whom the Client has decided to terminate the employment relationship.

Companies turn to us with such a request when they want to make the process of termination the most painless for both parties, as possible, in order to maintain a positive image of the company in the labor market.

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